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Mountain View Hospital

Recruitment Page Design

Created in conjunction with Manwaring Web Solutions.


Mountain View Hospital, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is physician-owned and comprises two major hospitals with dozens of affiliates with specialties across the medical spectrum. Due to their range of services and their ability to grow over time, MVH is constantly recruiting medical professionals to come to the area and needed a page that showcases why Mountain View and Southeast Idaho are the places to be.

For this particular project, the team at Mountain View Hospital provided the written content and the order in which they wanted the content to be presented on the page. They also provided photo libraries and a design guide for use in the design process.

Role & Process

  • Conceptualize layout based on content provided by the client
  • Utilize components within the content management system for ease of editability
  • Customize components using HTML & CSS to style the content to match previously rendered concepts
  • Make customizations fully responsive for all screen sizes
  • Test and troubleshoot
  • Carry out client revisions and make it live