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Actors' Repertory Theatre of Idaho

2022-2023 Season Poster Designs


In 2021, I went to my first ARTI production, "The Cake," and was blown away at the talent and entertainment right under my nose in my hometown. Knowing some of their board members, I shared my review of the show I had seen and was flattered by the offer to design their posters for upcoming productions. I took them up on that without hesitation.

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to help this local, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promote their hard work, all while conceptualizing a storyline into a two-dimensional composition for each production.

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One of the ARTI team members provides isolated photos of cast members portraying their characters, and another team member provides the text that is required for the production.

Along with a summary of the performance, I create a composition that encapsulates the plot of the show, and the emotions the audience might feel.

Deadline / Output

The design is due one month before the opening of each production. Upon completion, I provide a 12x18 digital and print-ready version of the poster, a 24x36 print-ready version to be displayed on the windows of the venue, and a two-sided 4x6 postcard for direct mailing purposes.