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Abstract Sports

Logo Design

When I launched Abstract Sports in 2016, I created a custom wordmark rooted in the simplicity of geometric shapes. This mark was temporary as I continued to create content to publish on the blog, but I needed a logo that could stand out on social media platforms. For the logo redesign, through layering and reuse of elements from the previous logo, I conceptualized an abstract, yet minimal, design that represents a goal being scored.

Web Design

All sports are founded on the premise of competition, and when humans are met with that adversity it reveals positive characteristics within themselves that can be applied in all walks of life, not just sports. The homepage design highlights ten intangibles that the brand embodies in the type of content curated, as well as how it operates.

My strategy with the homepage design is dual-focused to highlight popular sections within the website (recent articles), and areas I'm hoping to grow in the coming months (fantasy sports members).


Since the launch of Abstract Sports in 2016 I've published over 400 articles from over 40 contributors and aired more than 100 podcast episodes. The podcast is currently on the backburner while I build out new additions to the website. For example, I'm creating city pages featuring all teams within a particular city, how many championships a city has, key players who played in that city, and more. As the website content archive continues to grow, interest and popularity grow as well. Eventually, I'd like to use that attention to put out a product to help with the character-building of youth through sports.