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BeBall showcases a combination of my three favorite things: design, basketball, and people. I started playing organized (and unorganized) basketball in first grade, continued on until ninth grade where I rode the bench. I received several "pats on the back" and "good jobs" but I never had anything to show for what I brought to my team. As a developing teen I needed that physical gratification that showed I was contributing to my team, but my effort, support, and teamwork were not measured in a traditional stat column.

"Our character serves as the 'foundation' on which we build our life story. The strength and integrity of that 'foundation' will ultimately serve to determine who we grow up to become."

John Wooden

With BeBall, I developed a philosophy and unique branding system that allows coaches to reward players for the intangible assets they bring to their team. These assets are more important than stats and numbers because the intangible characteristics of a player can be applied to any real-life situation, not just basketball. It is important that we highlight the positive characteristics within individuals at a developing age. We are all people before we are basketball players.

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